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International Tennis Center is always looking for hard working and dedicated individuals who are looking to be a part of something special.

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There are two main ways to become certified as a professional tennis coach: through the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) and the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR).

Both the USPTA and PTR are nationally recognized organizations that offer benefits to their members to help with developing and operating as a teaching professional, including on-court insurance, discounted apparel and equipment and teaching and lesson tools and resources.

Coaches can be a member of both organizations at the same time, and both the USPTA and PTR require applicants to display a baseline level of knowledge and competency before awarding certification.

The main difference between the organizations is how the programs are set up. The USPTA certifies coaches to teach at all levels and age groups from its initial professional certification and then allows coaches to progress based on experience and increased knowledge. The PTR targets its teachings at coaches working with specific age or talent levels and then offers specialism within that more narrow range.

Here, we’ll take a look at USPTA certification. To visit the USPTA site to get certified as a USPTA pro, apply here.

For more on PTR certification, click here.

The key steps to becoming certified as a USPTA coach:

Become a full USPTA member.

Register for and complete the Coach Youth Tennis program. Study for and pass the USPTA certification test.

There are three levels of USPTA certification: professional, elite professional and master professional. You cannot become an elite professional until you have successfully passed the professional exam, and you can’t become a master professional until you have been an elite professional for at least 10 years.
USPTA Professional

The professional-level exam is the first step to becoming a certified tennis coach and is available to anybody 18 and older. Applicants are graded on on-court tests, which examine stroke production, different grips, feeding and organizing group and individual lessons.

There’s also a written test that can cover everything from teaching and activity planning to business management. In addition, applicants need to complete the Coach Youth Tennis course. The first element includes six online courses that cover organizing and supervising youth play to communicating with children and skill development. The second part is an in-person, 10-and-under on-court workshop.

To maintain certification, professionals must earn six education credits every three years.

USPTA Elite Professional

Once certified as a USPTA professional, coaches have the ability to become an elite professional. A USPTA member must be 22 years old before becoming certified as an elite professional, and they must pass an additional series of written exams and on-court exams. Elite professional applicants must earn additional credits in areas such as business, sport science and tennis operations.

As with the professional certification, elite professionals need a minimum of six education credits every three years. These credits can be earned by attending specific conferences, completing webinars and attending workshops and training sessions.

USPTA Master Professional

Finally, coaches can become certified as a master professional, the highest level of USPTA membership. Applicants must have held an elite certification for at least 10 years and completed at least 80 hours of specialty courses. In addition, applicants are assessed on their contribution to research and publications, their service to the tennis industry, their ability as a player or collegiate coach and their participation in approved conferences, courses and workshops.

Adaptive Tennis

The USPTA offers wheelchair certification, which is achieved by attending a workshop, completing a private lesson and passing a written exam. For current USPTA members, there are no additional dues, only the fee for the certification.